House Fellowship Centers

1. Bro. Chris Ozuogwu (HFC)

#1 Chibor Street, Beside Mangrove Hotel, Opp. NTA Mgbuogba PH

2. Church House Fellowship 1
3. Elder Ajisegiri's (HFC)
4. Elder Dike's (HFC)
5. Elder Nwoko's (HFC)
6. Shepherd's House Fellowship
7. Bro. Ekele Ogbonna (HFC)
8. Elder Okposio's (HFC)
9. Elder E. Chuku's (HFC)
10. Engr. Urum (HFC)
11. Elder D. Obasi's (HFC)
12. Our Saviour's (HFC)
13. Bro. Umahi's (HFC)
14. Elder Mrs. Ojarikre (HFC)
15. Elder Emen's (HFC)
16. Bro. A. Okafor's (HFC)
17. Bro. Best Oziegbe (HFC)
18. Elder G.A. Orji (HFC)
19. His Divine Presence (HFC)
20. Joy House Fellowship Center
21. Home of Favour (HFC)
22. House of Blessing (HFC)
23. God's Kingdom (HFC)
24. Bro. Evans Amadi (HFC)
25. House of Fulfilment (HFC)
26. Elder Unegbu's (HFC)

Shepherd's Hill

RCCG Rivers Province 8 Headquarters is a place where the love of God reigns & dreams come true, where legends are born & tomorrow's history is experienced today. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forevermore (Hebrews 13:8)

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